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  • Order Methods
  • We offer two methods to submit orders via our website.
    1. General method. Submit orders by shopping cart and checkout center.
    2. Wholesale method. Submit orders by "Order > New Order" function.
    In addition, you may submit your orders by email, fax or phone. However, for more efficient order process, we recommend that you submit your orders via our website.
  • Order Status
  • Orders have different status to indicate the different stages in order process.
    Pending: Order is ready to submit but not submitted. You may activate the pending order by submitting it in "Order > Order Management" page.
    Submitted: Order is submitted and becomes effective.
    Paid: Order is paid.
    Shipping: Order items are shipping.
    Completed: Order has been completed successfully.
    Canceled: Order is canceled.
    Exception: Order encounters exception during process. Details of the exception is in status description.
    You may view details of your orders in "Order > Order Management" page, including order status and status description.
  • Status Description
  • You may find specific description for some order status in "Status Description", such as shipping info.
  • Order Search
  • You may search your orders by the order search function on the left of the page. Input the order ID and click "Go" button to search the order.
  • Order Management
  • You may manage your orders in "Order > Order Management" page, including viewing details of the order, searching order by order ID or order status, submitting pending or canceled orders, and canceling unpaid and undelivered orders.
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