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    Brake block 2PCS

    Item No: BA2008
    Brand: Nanda
    SWIFT red yellow white body with paster

    Item No: BA2011
    Brand: Nanda
    6061 T6 Center diff brace

    Item No: CD0001
    Brand: Nanda
    F/R Brake Actuator

    Item No: CD0002
    Brand: Nanda
    Center bulkhead brace

    Item No: CD0004
    Brand: Nanda
    Wing mount posts L/R

    Item No: CH0003
    Gross Weight: 32g
    Brand: Nanda
    Wing set

    Item No: CH0004
    Gross Weight: 63g
    Brand: Nanda
    Carbon fiber radio plate

    Item No: CH0005
    Gross Weight: 18g
    Brand: Nanda
    Steel diff pinion gear

    Item No: FT0003
    Gross Weight: 14g
    Brand: Nanda
    Tank mount

    Item No: FU0001
    Brand: Nanda
    Throttle and brake linkage

    Item No: FU0004
    Gross Weight: 14g
    Brand: Nanda
    Center universal joint

    Item No: GD0001
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Steel spur gear 46T

    Item No: GD0002
    Gross Weight: 37g
    Brand: Nanda
    Steel diff ring gear

    Item No: GD0003
    Gross Weight: 34g
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Diff gear shafts

    Item No: GD0005
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Diff gear

    Item No: GD0006
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Diff case

    Item No: GD0007
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Diff universal joint

    Item No: GD0009
    Gross Weight: 25g
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
    Rear lower suspension mounts

    Item No: RT0001
    Brand: Nanda
    Steering Sell cranks

    Item No: ST0002
    Brand: Nanda
    50% Off
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